First Wonder Blogs Are Moving!

Hey all,

We are in the process of moving all of our developer blogs for First Wonder on over to the new FW community page. So, no new blog posts will be showing up here and all of the old blog posts here have been posted on that Developer Blog section of the forums already. We encourage everyone to come on over, join our community and jump into any sections you are interested in, whether is just to keep up with developer blog posts, to ask questions about the game, […]

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Post PAX Prime Report

Hey everyone,

We promised an update about PAX Prime and here it is, but we also have some news about our crowdfunding campaign and a few other things. This was our first time ever attending PAX Prime as visitors or exhibitors. At PAX we showed off our Playable First Look, our first teaser trailer for First Wonder, and gave out some schwag to fans who stopped by the booth. We’re very thankful to our show hosts for granting us a spot in PAXRising, PAX’s newer area dedicated to up and coming indies to […]

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First Wonder Trailer and at PAX Prime

Greetings everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve had an update but that is because we’ve been hard at work on building a demo of First Wonder for PAX Prime! Today is the first day of the gaming convention and we are showing off a playable first look of First Wonder there, which consists of a multiplayer match between The Cargonauts and Monstro. If you happen to be anywhere nearby come on over to booth #4043 and we’d love to show the game to you.

We should have more news […]

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Where’s Monstro?

In our newest First Wonder update, and silliest so far, we have screenshots of a shiny new island with Monstro hidden throughout each location. No big news though, especially coming after our PAX announcement last week, but have some fun, check out how everything is progressing visually and find Monstro!

The very first screenshot is rather obvious as to where Monstro is, but the second one not so much and in this third one below he is actually in it twice. So far, no one has found him both times in […]

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PAX is Go!

Greetings everyone! Today we are very happy to announce that we are officially taking First Wonder to PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. This massive and fan focused gaming event takes place from August 28th to the 31th. We are working hard on our demo for the event and we will be sharing details about that as we get closer to PAX, but for now we are just really excited to being attending.

The new screenshots show Monstro using the islands fiery geysers to propel himself into the air and into […]

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A New Look at Monstro

Most recently we have just been working hard on a prototype for First Wonder and this update focuses entirely on Monstro. Like we mentioned last week, the islands are starting to take shape and Monstro is now able to lug his giant and gorgeous body around many parts of it. As always, everything is very much a WIP (work in progress).

In these new screenshots you can see Monstro’s preferred weapon, a mighty club made from the most wondrous of materials!! Well, it is a tree, he carries around a […]

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The Cargonauts Take Flight

Hey everyone, it is not Friday, which is normally when these First Wonder updates conjure themselves, but we are a couple of First Wonder updates behind and we will be catching back up! This update is all about The Cargonauts and them being airborne! Temporary models for now but it’s good to be able to fly and to see them in action.

When we first put out the update on the First Wonder Facebook page someone asked about how dodging works while using rockets, and Nick Bruty explained that he’s always liked […]

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Friday grabs

Hello FW fans,

Thought I would throw up a few quick screengrabs of a test island I’m building. I start off very simply with a base model to work out scale. You can begin to see the underside of the islands. The gameplay takes place at many different tiers.

In one of the shots you can see a Monstro slide. His way of island hopping!

Meanwhile Rich is working away on the Cargonauts multiple jet packs. Yes multiple! Bigger island need bigger jet packs! Right its Friday and I need a scotch. Happy weekend […]

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Hi All,

We trying to get a booth for this year’s PAX at Seattle in August to show Gunpowder and of course and early demo of First Wonder. We’ve never been before but it’s such a popular show it sold out in 4 hours! We’ll keep you posted if we score a booth. If not we’ll look for an alternative way to show what we are up to in that time frame.

Right now I’m working on a concept for one of the islands that we’d likely feature in the demo. […]

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Unreal 4

Hi All,

Long time since our last update. This is due to prepping the release of our 2 original mobile titles. You may have recently seen Gunpowder for Ipad announced on our site which was released today. Our other title is being soft launched very soon and we’ll announce that one in the next month or so.

Now I’m happily back on FW!

I have been struggling getting the kind of look I wanted with Unity so having the break has made want to evaluate the other game engines sooner than […]

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