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Friday grabs

Hello FW fans,

Thought I would throw up a few quick screengrabs of a test island I’m building. I start off very simply with a base model to work out scale. You can begin to see the underside of the islands. The gameplay takes place at many different tiers.

In one of the shots you can see a […]


Hi All,

We trying to get a booth for this year’s PAX at Seattle in August to show Gunpowder and of course and early demo of First Wonder. We’ve never been before but it’s such a popular show it sold out in 4 hours! We’ll keep you posted if we score a booth. If not […]

Unreal 4

Hi All,

Long time since our last update. This is due to prepping the release of our 2 original mobile titles. You may have recently seen Gunpowder for Ipad announced on our site which was released today. Our other title is being soft launched very soon and we’ll announce that one in the next month […]

Animation test

Hi All, Posted an animation test for Monstro’s rig.


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Cargonauts update.

Morning All,

Kevin just deliver a truckload of Cargonaut animations so we can start to bring them to life. Exciting! They are comparable to the Meccs but their tech, being based around construction and lifting, is more crude but very powerful. Sometimes too powerful! When you strap a rocket onto your back designed to lift […]

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Hi all,

I wanted to answer a few common questions.

Single / Multiplayer

Our ultimate goal is to make a single and multiplayer version of the game across PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Mac. We are open to other platforms as long as they make sense. We may not be able to get the budget for all […]

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New Monsto model running in Unity

Hi all, Thought I’d post an image of the new Monstro model running in the Unity engine. It’s exciting to see him come alive. The Cargonauts are next on the list. Once we have them both we can start finalizing the materials for the crowd funding campaign. A big thank you to TotalBiscuit, The Cynical […]

The Cargonauts

Hi, today I have a little backstory of the Cargonauts.

The Cargonauts are a down on their luck working crew who manage to talk themselves into the biggest job of their lives. Transporting the giant Monstro fossile to its new destination on Planet Majorca. This job could finally change their fortunes and restore some family […]

The Island

Hi All,

First Wonder takes place on a luxury island resort on Planet Majorca. Monstro, the recently discovered ancient fossil is mounted as the proud centerpiece for this new corporate resort. Naturally things going very very wrong.

Designing the island is one of the biggest and most exciting design challenges I have ever faced. In Giants […]


I was going to a talk about the island but had to switch focus and remodel Monstro. I want his attitude and body to reflect everything that has happened in his past. So as Tim and I fine tune his story and goals I have to go back and rebuild him from the ground […]