Hi All,

Long time since our last update. This is due to prepping the release of our 2 original mobile titles. You may have recently seen Gunpowder for Ipad announced on our site which was released today. Our other title is being soft launched very soon and we’ll announce that one in the next month or so.

Now I’m happily back on FW!

I have been struggling getting the kind of look I wanted with Unity so having the break has made want to evaluate the other game engines sooner than I expected to see if it will help speed up the crowd funding campaign demo development.

I was curious how fast I could get to a good base line with Unreal 4. I have a lot to learn but the first impressions are very good. The out of the box visual polish is impressive. And I really love the flow of the UI so far. I seem to find it far easier to track all the moving parts in Unreal.

Right now I just got Monstro up and running around. A simple thing but the ease with it was done is telling for me. Next I’m going to focus on the look and shape of the landscape. When I get something I am happy with I’ll post a new video.

A big thank you for your continued support.

Nick Bruty