Hey everyone, it is not Friday, which is normally when these First Wonder updates conjure themselves, but we are a couple of First Wonder updates behind and we will be catching back up! This update is all about The Cargonauts and them being airborne!¬†Temporary models for now but it’s good to be able to fly and to see them in action.

Cargonauts 2

When we first put out the update on the First Wonder Facebook page someone asked about how dodging works while using rockets, and Nick Bruty explained that he’s¬†always liked being able to see and dodge projectiles where it makes sense, and he isn’t a fan of blind hits, so the rockets will allow for dodging projectiles based on skill and perception. Also, the rocket fuel is key to all sides and has many uses in the game. Everything you see is placeholder models, but the rocket rigs do expand and contract. More on all of that later!

Cargonauts 1

First Wonder Island Concept 2