Hey everyone,

We promised an update about PAX Prime and here it is, but we also have some news about our crowdfunding campaign and a few other things. This was our first time ever attending PAX Prime as visitors or exhibitors. At PAX we showed off our Playable First Look, our first teaser trailer for First Wonder, and gave out some schwag to fans who stopped by the booth. We’re very thankful to our show hosts for granting us a spot in PAXRising, PAX’s newer area dedicated to up and coming indies to show their new games. Here is a picture of most of our team on the way to PAX Prime, with Nick Bruty on the far left, Keith Alloro in the middle, and Richard Sun on the right.


PAX Prime is an absolutely massive event that fills up the entire Washington State Convention Center and floods out into several hotel event areas. What’s great about PAX is that it’s completely hobby centric. The vast majority of people that came by are people who just love games and just wanted to know what we were about, so it gave us a chance to watch people react to First Wonder and to find out what we were up to.

Beyond just getting the word out, it was incredibly valuable to see what people reacted well too and less well too. We actually improved the software on a daily basis, reacting to trouble people ran into or things they didn’t get right away, so by the last day of PAX our demo was substantially better.

First Wonder PAX 1

Overall, people reacted very positively to the demo. We aimed to show people something cool and new as well as harking back to novel game approaches not visited in a long time. Some people were huge fans of MDK, Giants, and/or Earthworm Jim, and hadn’t heard about First Wonder yet, and some got super excited, including a few relatively high profile personalities.

We aim to show everybody some live streaming of the First Look demo in the coming weeks. Also, Kickstarter campaign is coming up really soon, and we will be announcing the official start date and events surrounding it. Stay tuned for information on both of those events.


In other news, we launched a brand new community site, put together by our friends at Duxter! It’s a super modern and cool community destination that will over time evolve into a singular destination for all things First Wonder related. People are starting to have some great conversations about the game there already, which we’re super psyched about. Come check it out! We’re there regularly answering questions and chatting with everyone.

That is it for this update, but we will have more news and updates about First Wonder coming soon! If you have any specific questions about our time and experiences at PAX feel free to ask in the comments below or do so over on our community page.