Animation test

Hi All, Posted an animation test for Monstro’s rig.


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Cargonauts update.

Morning All,

Kevin just deliver a truckload of Cargonaut animations so we can start to bring them to life. Exciting! They are comparable to the Meccs but their tech, being based around construction and lifting, is more crude but very powerful. Sometimes too powerful! When you strap a rocket onto your back designed to lift hundreds of tons then funny things can happen.

Their power source is an incredible volatile natural fuel called XFIRE. It’s used to power all rockets, guns, projectiles of any sort. It so dangerous though that a […]

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Hi all,

I wanted to answer a few common questions.

Single / Multiplayer

Our ultimate goal is to make a single and multiplayer version of the game across PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Mac. We are open to other platforms as long as they make sense. We may not be able to get the budget for all of those at once. Like many others we will have tiered stretch goals to give us the best chance at going forward.

I had many sequels planned for Giants but didn’t get that chance to fulfill […]

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New Monsto model running in Unity

Hi all, Thought I’d post an image of the new Monstro model running in the Unity engine. It’s exciting to see him come alive. The Cargonauts are next on the list. Once we have them both we can start finalizing the materials for the crowd funding campaign. A big thank you to TotalBiscuit, The Cynical […]

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The Cargonauts

Hi, today I have a little backstory of the Cargonauts.

The Cargonauts are a down on their luck working crew who manage to talk themselves into the biggest job of their lives. Transporting the giant Monstro fossile to its new destination on Planet Majorca. This job could finally change their fortunes and restore some family pride.

In reality they are completely out of their depth but nothing that some pluck and a good dose of blind optimism can’t cure. Their lifting equipment is almost as old as Monstro. While their technology […]

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The Island

Hi All,

First Wonder takes place on a luxury island resort on Planet Majorca. Monstro, the recently discovered ancient fossil is mounted as the proud centerpiece for this new corporate resort. Naturally things going very very wrong.

Designing the island is one of the biggest and most exciting design challenges I have ever faced. In Giants we dealt with scale quite simply. While Kabuto could leap he was very earthbound and limited to just walking around and smashing things.

Monstro  will have a full dynamic range of motion that helps him spend […]

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I was going to a talk about the island but had to switch focus and remodel Monstro. I want his attitude and body to reflect everything that has happened in his past. So as Tim and I fine tune his story and goals I have to go back and rebuild him from the ground up.
I’m loving this approach. It’s like he is aging in layers before my eyes. By the time he gets into a players hands he will have a deep lived in look. I always picture Clint […]

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Working on story

Hi All,
It’s been a busy week of Giants reunions.
I had Giants and Armed and Dangerous scriptwriter Tim Williams come down to San Francisco to work on the backstory with me. I haven’t seen Tim in 4 years but he recently moved back to the States , the timing couldn’t be more perfect.
Tim is now working up some magic for our very first cut-scene that will be featured in the crowd funding campaign video.  Its going to be a riot. Reading Tim’s scenes for the first time is always a […]

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Lets get to it!

Hello, followers of 1st Wonder!
First off, huge thanks to you early believers, especially those of you who surprised us by already committing money through Paypal! We can’t thank you enough!

This is the first of many regular updates on our road to getting going on this game in earnest. We aim to launch the crowd funding campaign campaign by the end of Spring 2014 once we’ve put together enough materials to really show you all what we intend to build. In the meantime, we’ll use, Twitter, Facebook, and email […]

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