Where’s Monstro?

In our newest First Wonder update, and silliest so far, we have screenshots of a shiny new island with Monstro hidden throughout each location. No big news though, especially coming after our PAX announcement last week, but have some fun, check out how everything is progressing visually and find Monstro!

The very first screenshot is rather […]

PAX is Go!

Greetings everyone! Today we are very happy to announce that we are officially taking First Wonder to PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. This massive and fan focused gaming event takes place from August 28th to the 31th. We are working hard on our demo for the event and we will be sharing details about […]

A New Look at Monstro

Most recently we have just been working hard on a prototype for First Wonder and this update focuses entirely on Monstro. Like we mentioned last week, the islands are starting to take shape and Monstro is now able to lug his giant and gorgeous body around many parts of it. As always, everything is […]